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Why advertise?
Juventuz was established February 2000 and we estimate it to currently be the largest English fansite of Juventus FC. We have a growing visitor base on a multi-featured and frequently updated site. Because of the theme presented and the method of presentation itself, the visitor base of our site is very international and multi-cultural. If you are looking to advertise your business on a quality site, chances are you have come to the right place.

Juventuz and the Juventuz Network
Juventuz is a standalone Juventus fansite and an entity as such. However, we also host the Juventuz Network, which is a network of sites related to Juventuz by theme and hosted with us. Normally, a purchase of advertising space would mean ads circulated on all the sites of the network. However, should you choose to specify which sites you wish to advertise on, an agreement can be reaced about special targeting.

Traffic and demographics
As of June 2002, Juventuz Network (all sites combined) receives 70,000 unique visitors per month, resulting in 400,000 monthly pageviews. Of these, 350,000 are received on Juventuz, the main site.

Juventuz is popular with soccer fans of all ages, but our largest user groups are males 20-30 and secondly youth 15-20, where both genders are well represented. The largest portion of our traffic is estimated to be from US/Canada, making up about 40% of the viewers. The rest is well divided between Europe and Asia.

Note: These statistics are accurate as of June 2002 and subject to constant change.

Advertising opportunities
We offer standard banner advertising, above-the-fold 468*60 pixel banner and 120*60 pixel button on each page of the site. We offer competitive CPM (per volume based) rates for advertising, contact us for the specifics. Please note that rates may vary with the fluctuating market. The lower limit for ordering advertising at our site is 100,000.

Past advertisers

Our past advertisers include the following companies:

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In order to get in touch with us and start advertising on our site, email us and we will get back to you within 3 business days.


Note: Information on this page may be subject to change