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Juventuz - Club

Here you'll find an overview of the current squad of Juventus. These are the players wearing the black and white shirt you like so much...

>> Squad
Standard lineup
This is how they lineup. The lineup may change during the season and on a game-to-game basis, but at least this will give you an idea.

>> Standard lineup
Club info
Who's who at Juventus, where is the club residence, all this you'll find in the club info.

>> Club info
Delle Alpi
Whether you have or haven't been to the stadium, you might want to check out this info about Delle Alpi.

>> Delle Alpi
Did you know that...
Think you know everything that is to know about Juve? Perhaps there are some things here that are new to you...

>> Did you know that...
Past players
What about what's-his-name? Here is a list of past Juve players. You'll know them if you've been paying attention...

>> Past players