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We have a newsletter for you to subscribe to. From the newsletter you will get the latest news daily, opinions, rumours, anything that is related to Juventus. The newsletter is also a mailing list, which means you can communicate with other subscribers by sending emails to the list. You can unsubscribe to the newsletter at any time, so you will not be sent emails against your will. The mailing list is open to anyone for discussion. Each message you send will be sent to all the other subscribers. If you do not wish to receive each message posted separately, you can subscribe to the digest version, that means you will get all the messages in one single message sent once per day.

To send a message to the list, send your email to the following address (you have to be subscribed, otherwise your message will be rejected).

To subscribe to the digest version send a blank email to the following address.

To unsubscribe send a blank message to the following address.