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Image gallery

Welcome to the image gallery! We have over 500 images for you to enjoy and the number is constantly rising. This is a small guide to help you make use of the image gallery.

Once you enter the gallery, you will find the images are divided into categories. Some of these also have subcategories, in particular the player sections. Once you enter a section, you see thumbnails of pictures on the page. A very neat way of viewing the pictures of a particular player, for instance, is to click on the first thumbnail (top-left), the picture will load in full size. Now click the button labeled "Play", with the two green arrows. This will start a slide show which will automatically guide you through all the images in the current section. To stop the slide show, click any links on the page.

The kind and magnitude of images is dependent on the availability. We might want to add more pictures of a certain player, but they are hard to obtain. In turn, there may be plenty pictures of another player.

New images are added from time to time, usually in large portions every few months. We try to filter the images quite accurately, in order to only add picture actually worth loading, saving your time and ours later on.