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Juventus get Lippi again

Lippi won 3 league titles, a European Cup and an Intercontinental Cup whilst at Juve last time around
He's back. Over two years have passed since Marcello Lippi walked out on Juventus following a 4-2 home defeat at the hands of Parma. Since his departure the club that he made great was no more. The Turin giants have won nothing in three seasons barring an Intertoto Cup which had their name written on it even before they kicked a ball.

With Carlo Ancelotti sacked for finishing second in consecutive seasons, Lippi knows that failure at Juventus will not be tolerated. Dominique Antognoni caught up with the Coach who will have to construct a new winning cycle without Zinedine Zidane.

Welcome back Mr. Lippi, it won't be easy.

I know.

How do you feel?

Honoured and happy to have signed a two-year contract with an option for a further two. I'm earning less money than in the past at Inter under Massimo Moratti - but it's still great to be back.

You haven't a performance-related contract like Ancelotti?


What is it like to have been recalled after being away?

Like I said I'm honoured.

Your first thoughts?

There is a feeling of regret towards Ancelotti who is an excellent person. I don't know him that well but he's a great guy.

Lippi suddenly quit in the 1998/99 season after a string of disappointing results.
In the days when you weren't working did you think about some of the mistakes that you made in the past?

I did exactly that. I realised that I over-exaggerated in certain situations. It's impossible to change a person's character, but people can learn to be more level headed.

To return to a place where you've already won so much is not something that everyone agrees with - especially Fabio Capello.

On this occasion I don't agree with Capello. The only thing that matters when joining a club is to win. I don't think that the past really has a lot to do with it. The fact that a club comes in for you is proof that they have faith in your abilities.

What did you think when Juve got in contact with you?

My first reaction was to say no. Then as the days went by I started to really like the idea. And then some of the letters I received from fans gave me the courage to accept the move.

When did Juventus first contact you?

That doesn't matter. The only important point is that they contacted me.

Two and a half years ago you quit the job. Would you do it again?

No and I say that to all my colleagues. Never give in.

Lippi has a number of great players to choose from following the arrivals of Thuram, Buffon, Nedved and Salas
Do you think that it will be easy to start again at a club where you resigned?

No, not at all. I know that I have to win back the faith of the fans and I'll do it with the results.

How will you change this Juventus?

It won't change that much because the team has played in the same way for the past seven years - with the number of defenders just changing. Then, of course, I like sides that can change shape during a game.

Some great players have arrived.

Yes but the squad was already of a very high standard. But the most important thing is motivation. In football the strongest side doesn't always win but the best team does. That's why Roma won the championship.

How will your team play?

With aggression and with a rediscovered Alex Del Piero.

What can you give to this side that reached 73 points last season?

An extra push because Juventus has and is something special.

This article is entitled "Juventus get Lippi again", taken from Football Italia, issue 8, August 2001. The images are not original.

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