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General news

Here are the latest news concerning Juventus. We recommend you visit this page often to follow the action. The news on this page are mainly concerned with general topics, if you are looking for transfer speculations or match reports, you are in the wrong place. You can also search the news if you are looking for something specific.

Lippi: ''A victory is always important''
Marcello Lippi's Juventus started on the same way ended on last year: with a victory. The Valle d'Aosta trophy is the first title for a season that everybody wants as glorious. [more] 27.7.2002
Brighi bidding to prove quality
Matteo Brighi wants to prove that he is good enough to wear the Juventus shirt after he was recalled to the Delle Alpi.

The Under-21 international is back in Turin after playing out of his skin on loan at Bologna last term. [more] 26.7.2002
Matteo Brighi: This team is fantastic!
Matteo Brighi speaks to the journalist about his thinking on the new season with Juventus: "I'm proud to return to be a blackandwhite man. Now is the time to express myself in the better way. I have only to learn with the big champions who plays here." [more] 25.7.2002
New Juve stadium news
Giraudo talked about the project of the new Juventus Stadium in an interview. That's what he said.. [more] 25.7.2002
Salas thankful of Juve chance
Marcelo Salas has thanked Juventus for showing their faith in his capabilities by not signing a new striker. [more] 24.7.2002
Alex expected new stopper
Alex Del Piero has admitted that he expected Juventus to sign either Alessandro Nesta or Fabio Cannavaro this summer. [more] 23.7.2002
Buffon: We donít need Nesta
Gigi Buffon believes that Juventus can continue to win major honours even without the likes of Alessandro Nesta and Fabio Cannavaro. [more] 22.7.2002
Lippi banking on Del boy
Marcello Lippi is pinning his hopes on Alessandro Del Piero to help guide Juventus to more honours. [more] 22.7.2002
Tudor ready for midfield role
Igor Tudor is willing to be fielded as a midfielder this season despite being more recognised as a central defender. [more] 22.7.2002
Salas wants trident attack
Marcelo Salas believes that he could play alongside Alex Del Piero and David Trezeguet in the new campaign.

The Chilean international is keen to make an impact after missing almost all of last season with injury and wants Coach Marcello Lippi to unleash a trident attack. [more] 21.7.2002
Lippi on Tacchinardi
Talking about some rumours on today's newspapers, Marcello Lippi wants to deny problems between him and Alessio Tacchinardi: "There hasn't been a particular face to face with Tacchinardi, I use to talk with all my players and I repeat what I said at the beginning: all the guys are at the same level and everyone will be useful". [more] 21.7.2002
Lippi's point
To see first results of his work Marcello Lippi must wait some days, with the first friendly matches of new season. [more] 21.7.2002
Salas ready and enthusiast
Marcelo is ready. The beginning of trainings is the chance for him to come back working with the rest of the group. During the holidays in Chile he spent a couples of hours every day with the ball, and now he's anxious to be back on the pitch: "i hope not to have last season's problems, i'm happy when i play, i don't mind aboud the way of playing of the team. I'm ready to run more to help midfielders if necessary". [more] 20.7.2002
Fresi: Happy to be here
Salvatore Fresi is honoured of his first days in blackandwhite. Coming from Bologna, he finds again his friend Brighi and all the others: "I can fell i'll need just a few time to be part of this group". Juventus is a great chance for Fresi after a very good season in Bologna with 8 goals scored: "I've been quite lucky last season, and i hope to win something important in my first season with Juve". [more] 20.7.2002
Tudor: "Champions League is my dream
Igor Tudor is finally ready to come back after the long injury. During the press conference he has talken about new season targets: "Winning a Scudetto is a great thing, but for this new season my dream is to win the Champions League. Let's hope to be always ready in both competitions". Back to italian scene Tudor sees Juventus, Inter, Roma and Milan at the same level: "Our team is similar to last season one, with some young players more, but other teams as well are similar to last year. may be we can win again..." [more]